Chamber Of Mining Engineers Of Turkey

The Second Mining Machinery Symposium and Exhibition of Turkey

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Genel Bilgiler

The scope of the symposium, which held under the cooperation of Chamber of Mining and Mechanical Engineers of the UCEAT, is to introduce mining machinery to the users, to investigate its productivities and economical contributions, to transfer scientific and technical developments to the relevant societies. It is also aimed to provide a platform for researchers, business executives, representatives and managers to get together and establish close communications.

The first of the symposium was held in Kütahya, and the second is going to be in Zonguldak having an experience in coal mining since 160 years and pioneered production of variety of mining machines and equipments.

We have started organization studies of the 2nd Mining Machinery Symposium of Turkey to be held between 4-6 November 2009. In this symposium, various topics related to mining machinery will be discussed.

The topics which are proposed to be discussed in this symposium and other information are given in the following pages of this booklet. Furthermore, the "Exhibition of Mining Machinery" will take place during the Symposium.

We expect you will attend and contribute to this important organization. Wishing you all the success.