Chamber Of Mining Engineers Of Turkey

The 16th Coal Congress of Turkey and Mining Exhibition

26.05.2008 - 28.05.2008 (ZONGULDAK)

Genel Bilgiler


The Coal Congress of Turkey has been held biannually since 1978. The Congress which started as a national event, has become an international gathering of the people involved with almost every aspect of coal mining from all over the world.

Traditionally, the Congress is held in Zonguldak where Turkey‘s hard coal reserves are exclusively located. The coal mining in this region dates back over 150 years.

We have started the process of organizing the 16th Coal Congress of Turkey to be held between 26-28 May 2008. In this Congress, as the previous ones, various topics related to coal mining industry, ranging from exploration to consumption of coal, will be discussed. The topics which are proposed to be discussed in this Congress and other information are given in the flowing pages of this booklet.

Also, the "Exhibition of Mining Machinery and Equipment" will take place during the Congress..

We hope you will be able to attend to this important event. Also, you are invited to make technical contributions to the Congress.

The topics of interest of the congress include but not limited to:

1. Safety and Health in Coal Mining

  • Gas, dust, fire and noise.
  • Mine accidents and occupational diseases, their causes and preventions.
  • Laws and regulations related to worker‘s health and safety.

2. Science and Technology of Coal Mining

  • Prospecting and exploration
  • Research and development studies
  • Provision of equipment and problems in Turkish mining sector.
  • Coal usage, global warming and clean coal technologies.
  • Non-traditional coal mining methods
  • Technological developments and computer applications in mining.
  • Risk analysis in underground coal mining
  • The problems of coal mining

3. Economic Policy and Social Problems of Coal Mining

  • Coal mining from past to present
  • Social problems in coal fields
  • Coal towns in Turkey, socioeconomic and cultural effects.
  • Production and consumption policies
  • Privatization in mining.