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Foreword (74 KB)

Organization of the Congress The Executive Board of the Chamber of Mining Engineers, Organizing Committee (117 KB)

Scientific Committee (77 KB)

Congress Chairman, Intarnational Advisory Committee Continent-Chairmen, Committee Members (77 KB)

Table Of Contents (155 KB)

Keynote and Invited Papers (2839 KB)

Overview of Fround Control Research for Underground Coal Mines in The United States (291 KB)

Use of the Internet and Information Technologyin Mining (152 KB)

Development and Challenges in the Canadian Mining Industry (236 KB)

Recent Developments and Outlook for Clean Energy from Coal without Combustion (191 KB)

Modern Mining Technology and its Application within RAG Coal International AG (130 KB)

Research and Innovations for Continuous Miner's Cutting Head, for Efficient Cutting Process of Rock/Coal (328 KB)

Thin Spray-on Liners for Underground Rock Support (385 KB)

Application of Remotly Sensed Data and GIS in Assessing the Impact of Mining Activities on the Environment (284 KB)

Cyanides in the Environment and Their Long-Term Fate (277 KB)

Engineering Education at a Crossroad: AN Intergrative Approach (376 KB)

Rock-Related Accidents, Investigations and Inwuiries in South African Mines (228 KB)

Open Pit Optimization-Strategies for Improving Economics of Mining Projects Through Mine Planning (175 KB)

Stope Optimiser - A FORTRAN Program to Optimise Stope Boundaries (243 KB)

Application of Advanced Technologies to Delineate Ground Hazards in Coal Mines (286 KB)

New Approach to Study Load Transfer Mechanisms of Fully Grouted Bolts (277 KB)

Application of Tunnel Boring Machines in Underground Mine Development (344 KB)

In Situ Measurements in a Paste Backfill: Backfill and Rock Mass Response in the Context of Rockburst (220 KB)

Management of Waste in the Mineral Processing in the Baia Mare Area (260 KB)

Linking Long-Term Environmental Liability and Closure: A Necessary Development Towards Walk-Away Closure (239 KB)

Methodology for Estimating the Costs of Treatment of Mine Drainage (314 KB)

Microbial Treatment of Cyanide and Heavy Metals Containing Waste Water from gold Mining (165 KB)

Mining Engineering Education Using the Internet (173 KB)

Mining and Society: No Mining, No Future (218 KB)

Safety and Welfare of Mine Employees in Australian Black CoalMines (201 KB)

1 Advanced Technology in Mining (614 KB)

Knowledge Discovery in Mining Truck Condition and Performance Databases (187 KB)

Performance of the Bigger, Faster and Smarter New Generation Electric Mining Shovels (259 KB)

Assesing Spontaneous Combustion Risk in South African Coal Mines Using a GIS Tool (332 KB)

A New Aapproach to Monitoring in th Advanced Dispatching System for Coal Mines (335 KB)

Devices for Breaking and Haulage of Rocks on the Basis of Electromagnetic Motors (108 KB)

2 Rock Engineering & Desing (3052 KB)

Stabilty Analysis and Support Design of Glandroud CoalMine Tunnel (165 KB)

Some Considerations of Highwall Mining Systems in CoalMines (312 KB)

The Stability Assessment of a Large Underground Opening at Great Depth (345 KB)

The Next Atlas Copco Generation of Tunnel-Rigs and Some Exprience (313 KB)

Evolution of Blasting Practices at the Ekati Diamond Mine (309 KB)

Evaluation and Analysis of Blasting Procedures for Removing Hard Formations at the South Field Lignite Mine,Ptolemais, Greece (297 KB)

Increasing the Effectiveness of Blasting in Underground Mines (209 KB)

Timing Simulation for th Selection of Optimum Delay Time (352 KB)

An Approach for Selection and Design of Rock Bolting Systems (180 KB)

Temporary (Short-Term) Mining Workings Stability (142 KB)

Backfill Practices at Çayeli Mine (322 KB)

Critical Diemension Concept in Pillar Stability (304 KB)

Analytical Investigation of Overburden Rock Strata Movement During Monitoring of Rock Massif at Stage of Finishing of Ore Deposit Mining (168 KB)

Estimation of Current Condition of Undermined Rock Massif by Deflection of the Earth's Surface (161 KB)

The Geometrical and Geomechanical Characteristics of SublevelCaving (208 KB)

Going Underground in Quarrying: Technical Perspectivs for Marble in Portugal (371 KB)

Mining and Technical Monitoring at Coal Mines (173 KB)

Impact of Blast Fragmentation on Truck Shovl Fleet Performance (214 KB)

Estimation of Currnt Condition of Undermined Rock Massif with Regard to Thickness of Mining (131 KB)

Drilling for Underground Excavation and Support in Sedimentary Rock (355 KB)

Yielding Pillar Concept and its Design (267 KB)

Investigation into Relationship Between Cutting Depth and Vibration in Cutting Process (260 KB)

The Effects of Specimen Volume, Temperature and Water Content on Shore Hardness (268 KB)

Failure and Failure Theories for Anisotropic Rocks (258 KB)

An Analysis of the Effect of Discontinuity Surface Matching on Shear Strength by Image Processing (191 KB)

Diversity of Electrical Conductivity in a Water-Bearing Rock Material (229 KB)

Estimation of Lining Thickness Around Circular Shafts (277 KB)

New Anchorage Capacity Testing System and Pull-O ut Applications in Yniçltek Coal Mine (270 KB)

Studies in the Relationships between Hardgrove Grindability and Some Rock Index Tests on Çayırhan Coals (165 KB)

3 Mining & Environment (721 KB)

Assessment of Open Pit Coal Mining Impacts Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study from Turkey (290 KB)

Rational Us and Environmental Impacts of Oil Shal Mining in Estonia (159 KB)

Soil Fertility in Coal Sterile Dump Assessment in Jiu Valley - Romania (169 KB)

Underground Disposal of Hazardous Wastes in German Mines (201 KB)

Environmental Impacts of Mineral Resource Exploitation and Use (215 KB)

Monitoring of Damaged Areas Affected byMining Activity and Possibilities for Reclamation (89 KB)

Possible Ecological Consewuences of Liquidation of Mines of Mirgalimsai Deposit (156 KB)

Acid Mine Drainage at Sarcheshmeh Copper Open Pit Mine (378 KB)

Waste Management Practices at Çayeli Bakır İşletmeleri A.Ş. (194 KB)

Design Considerations of Heap Leaching at Sarcheshmh Open Pit Copper Mine (153 KB)

4 Mining Engineering Education (406 KB)

Upgrading Miners Knowledge Through Websit Learning on Mining Methods for Improved Safety and Productivity (230 KB)

Use of an Integrated Mining Software Package for the Training of Mining Technologists (208 KB)

Mining Engineering Postgraduate Education by Distance Learning Through the Internet (230 KB)

5 Natural Resource Management (1316 KB)

Technological and Economic Evolution of Diamond Wire Use in Granite or Similar Stone Quuuuuarries (410 KB)

Application of Pit Optimisation Algorithms Beyond Open Pit Limits (231 KB)

Present State of Hard Coal Underground Mining in the Czech Republic (147 KB)

Economic-Environmental Description of the Exqloitation Method by Horizontal Slices and Ore pass in Italian Surface Crushed Stone Quarries (235 KB)

Evaluation of Single-Slice and Twin-Face Operations of Çayırhan Lignite Seams (268 KB)

Local Sustainable Development in Districts with Current Exploitation of Lingnite Fields (294 KB)

Technical Efficiency Measurmnt and Occupational Safety Level. The Case of Greek Lignit Mining (155 KB)

The U.K.Coal Industry sinc Privatisation in 1995 (227 KB)

Effect of Indicator Kriging on Recoverable Ore Reserves of El-Gidida Iron Deposit (198 KB)

Anisotropy Problem in Geostatistical Simulation by Orthogonal Transformed Indicator Methods (229 KB)

Geostatistical Simulation of a Quuarry (150 KB)

Technical and Economic Possibilities of Using Low Temperature Geothermal Sources in Croatia (312 KB)

Ragulation of the Mode of Mining Operations in Open Cast Mining of Steeply Dipping Fields (187 KB)

The History of the Evolution of Salt Working Methods in Romania, from Antuquity to the Present (181 KB)

Salt in Turkey (194 KB)

6 Computer Applications in Mining & Procssing (1236 KB)

Mathematical Modelling of the Roadheader's Cutting Process (253 KB)

A New Computer Program for Cutting Head Design of Roadheaders and Drum Shearrs (214 KB)

The Effects of Operational Parameters on the Output Efficiency of th Bucket Wheel Excavator (217 KB)

Sumilation of Optimal Control for Mining Drilling Robot (173 KB)

Development of a Software Tool for the Prediction of Coal-Blending Efficiency (248 KB)

Computer Modelling of Geomechanical Processes in Underground Working of Coal Seams (228 KB)

Improving Safety in Open Pit Mines Using RTK - Differential GPS (257 KB)

Predicting Horizontal Movement for a Tunnel by Empirical and FE Methods (257 KB)

Evaluation of Slope Stabilty by Numerical Methods (217 KB)

A Mathematical Model of Simple Flotation Circuits (175 KB)

Computer Simulation of Truck/Shovel System at Tunçbilek CoalMin Using GPSS/H (201 KB)

Optimum Blending of Coal by Linear Programming for the Power Plant at Seyitömer Coal Mine (169 KB)

7 Process Engineering (2284 KB)

Study of the Flotation Process by Simulation (126 KB)

Prespective Trends in Fine Coal Slimes Flotation (179 KB)

Complex Coal Processing of Kazakstan Dposits (106 KB)

Application of Aeration to Complex Sulphide Ore and its Effects on Circuit Performance (239 KB)

New Filter Selection, Installation, Commissioning and Operation at CBI Concentrator (207 KB)

Interaction of Original and Heat-Treated Sepiolites with Quaternary Amines (208 KB)

The Application of Colemanite Addition to Floor Tile Glazes (169 KB)

Productivity of Brown Coal for Briquette Production (94 KB)

A New Microscale Flotation Cell: Combination of Canadian Column and Partridge-Smith Cell (204 KB)

Concentration Studies on Chromite Tailings by Multi Gravity Seperator (130 KB)

Influence of Coal Face Mechanization on the Properties of Çayırhan Lignite (163 KB)

Application of the Dry Process on Concentration of Boron Ores (240 KB)

8 Health & Safety (888 KB)

An Outline of a Hybrid Intelligent System for Mine Safety Analysis (176 KB)

New Acoustic Anemometers for the Mining Industry (168 KB)

Opportunities of Improving the Microclimate in Underground Mines by Heat-and Hydro-Isolation (207 KB)

Managing the Impact of HIV-AIDS on African Mining (288 KB)

Development of A Portable Coal Seams Gas Analyser (309 KB)

9 Practical Solutions to Mining Problems (1802 KB)

Designing a Pullback Drdagline Panel for Dipping Coal Seams Condutions (263 KB)

Visual Aspect of Mine Avaluation; A Case Study (218 KB)

Draw Control Optimisation in the Context of Production Scheduling (216 KB)

High Technologies of the Underground Extraction of Kazakhstan Fields (132 KB)

The Assesment of Salt Production Drilling (233 KB)

Ore Deposit Mining with Goaf Stowing in Kazakhstan (119 KB)

The Effect of Desing Peculiarities of the Elastic Linr of A Hoisting Machine on the Durabilty of Rope and Liner (269 KB)

Technique of No-Pillar Production and Repeated Development of Mineral Deposits with Ice-Rock Laying of Worked-Out Space (83 KB)

Çayeli Underground Cu-Zn Mine (279 KB)

A Mine Site Laboratory from Exploration to Closure: A Cas Study (190 KB)

Author Index (120 KB)


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